HTG offers maintenance program reviews and provides customized maintenance programs and procedures for each transit system we serve. HTG’s approach to vehicle maintenance is one of a total commitment to the concept of preventive maintenance (PM). A successful PM program results from strict adherence to a progressively detailed schedule of servicing, adjustments, and inspections based on predetermined manufacture recommended intervals. HTG will implement a PM program designed for specific vehicles, incorporate all manufacturer’s recommendations for servicing and repairs, and fit the vehicle’s operating conditions. As the principles of PM are implemented, the number of emergency repairs will decline, the agency safety program will benefit, maintenance costs will be controlled, schedule adherence, and public relations will excel.

HTG believes there are three areas of concentration that are crucial to providing safe and reliable service:

  • Major or Other Repairs – Our approach is to operate the preventive maintenance and safety programs in such a way that unscheduled repairs are minimized, and the maximum number of major repairs are scheduled in an orderly fashion.
  • Breakdown Prevention – Breakdowns can cause service delays. In order provide minimum service interruptions, HTG believes in always being proactive. This means always having available spare vehicles for service while repairs are taking place. Road calls, as they are known, must be minimized while it is essential the maintenance department learn from previous incidents and road calls addressing concerns with preventive maintenance measures, so these issues are prevented from occurring in the future.
  • Pre and Post Trip Inspections – These inspections are conducted by all operators of the transit agency. Pre-trips and post-trip inspection paperwork can help greatly in improving the useful life of the vehicle. A proper pre-trip/post-trip inspection will help identify any issues or concerns with each vehicle.

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