Planning Services

Planning future transit operations and services is an essential function to any transit agency. In order to fully utilize resources, well thought out planning processes need to be in place with diverse viewpoints. Public involvement is a vital role during any transportation planning process and should allow transit agencies to receive feedback for the traveling public. HTG understands the benefits of a strong planning foundation which not only gives direction but also provides advantages when submitting grant applications. HTG is well versed in both urbanized area and rural area planning processes.

Our team can assist with the following forms of transportation plans:

  • Short and Long Range Transit Plans
  • Coordinated Human Service Transportation Plans
  • Transit Master Plans
  • Comprehensive Operational Analyses
  • Fixed Route Development, Design & Implementation
  • Existing Service Evaluation and Future Recommendations
  • Boarding and Alighting
  • Mobility Planning and Management
  • Transit Agency Plans:
  • Transit Asset Management (TAM) Plans
  • Preventative Maintenance Plans
  • Public Transportation Agency Safety Plans (PTASP)
  • Public Participation Plans
  • Language Assistance Plans
  • Emergency Preparedness Plans

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